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The purpose of the research paper “Strengths and weaknesses of direct legislation ” is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of direct legislation, and how they compare with the strengths and weaknesses of a professional legislature…
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Strengths and weaknesses of direct legislation
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Strengths and weaknesses of direct legislation
Essay 1: What are the strengths and weaknesses of direct legislation, and how do they compare with the strengths and weaknesses of a professional legislature? Make sure to thorough explain what is meant by a professional legislature.
Conventional concepts of democracy indicate that ultimate sovereignty rest with the power of the people. This means that representatives of the people in government who address their problems in legislature. However, there has been a trend of political leaders failing to address critical problems of the people. This has seen direct legislation gain progressive popularity across United States and other parts of the world. Direct legislation is a political process in which the people can vote to effect changes in the socio-economic and political policies without governments say (Little and David 43). It entails referendum, Plebiscite and initiative. One of its strengths is that it helps in establishing policies that represents the desire of the majority. While political representatives can be influenced to sacrifice the people for vested interest, direct legislature ensure that limited external forces distract the electorate from participating in their course. One of the greatest weaknesses of this system is that it is costly and time consuming as civil education needs to be done. It is also vulnerable to indirect political influence as the voters may be induced to take misinformed decision.
A comparative analysis of this legislature and professional legislature shows significant differences in terms of cost, staff size and level of commitment. In professional legislature, a member takes the work as full time job. It differs from civilian legislature in which members serve on part time basis while holding other assignments (Little and David 67). Professional legislature investigates critical issues affecting the society and put them within the political debate process. It is comparative cheaper than direct legislature as it requires little time and faster decision making. Although some States in United States use either direct legislature or professional, hybrid is the best in which is a blend of the two are variably used.
Essay 2: Does Economic Development Justify Eminent Domain.' What is eminent domain and how is it different from annexation. Is it justifiable for a city or state government to use 'eminent domain' authority to transfer property from one group to another in order to meet economic development goals in states with poor economic outlooks?
There has been a raging debate on the concept of Eminent Domain which is carried out under the guise of economic development. It has been a politico-economic legal structure that gives power to the government to take private property and convert it for public use (Smirnova 23-6). This legislature is within Fifth Amendment which emphasizes that fair compensation must be awarded to the property owners. This concept is different from annexation which is more of forceful seizure of a given geographical area by a specific political authority. In United States, Annexation has been experienced by municipal authorities taking unoccupied areas. Justification of eminent domain raises concern because the motives and results seem to be controversial. The government should exercise this legislature with a sincere motive of improving the overall welfare of the public. The interest of the property owners should also be taken into consideration.
However, it has been noted that there is significant political fraud that override this process. Most states have forced private owners to give up their property which is then sold to private developers with the goal of optimizing tax from the expensive structures they put up (Smirnova 57-9). In most cases the government dupes the public by monetary compensation which may not cover up for other factors like environment and other amenities. Alternative economic development approaches should be exploited as this Eminent Domain seeks to worsen the condition of the states with poor economic outlooks. The bottom line is that it is not fair to apply this legislature in the name of enhancing economic development.
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