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The author of this writing "Motivational theory in Management and Administration" seeks to discuss the issues related to the public administration and describe some of the most known and common theories by which managers perceive employees and their motivation…
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Motivational theory in Management and Administration
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The learning results that were derived from POSDCORB is a popular acronym widely used in the field of Management and Public Administration that reflects the classic view of administrative management.  POSCORB holistically tries to embed higher learning outcomes in public administration and is segmented in various aspects. It is clear that within this realm, Gulick emphasized the segmentation of each facets, which includes labor and organization. As a matter of face, Gulick notes that there are three limitations to division of labor. According to Guilck’s perspectives, POSDCORB generally can be organized as a classical management movement. It is evident that the first occurs when labor is divided to the point where any one task would be conducted in an efficient manner.
Conducive research indicates that Public administration is in a state of a huge crisis because of corruption, lack of resources, and fundamental changes. It is clear that public administration has been lacking leadership in these areas where it can possibly beneficial. Whereas for many years the questions of politics and policy were those which unconditionally dominated the realm of public administration, it has always been under scrutiny in the eyes of the public as media continues to highlights the major flaws that plagues the system. Two major forces of rectification have systemically been critical to public administration as organization and management are the two focal areas in public administration.
Maslow tries to emphasize that administrate theories are there to fulfill the needs of society. This in essence has been monumental because it fits Maslow’s hierarchal needs. For instance, serving the needs of the citizens that demand a better job manifests itself in Public Administration. When citizens see an incentive in public administration, they are likely to buy in the whole policy process. When basic needs are met as Maslow describes it, people are going to become interested.
Douglas McGregor proposed two motivational theories by which managers perceive employees and their motivation. Each theory assumes that managements role is to effectively organize resources. Theory X states to control the lazy and unmotivated individuals while Theory Y is to reward hard working motivation individuals within an organization. Although many organizations find it useful to consider the two extremes of the spectrum that McGregor identified, many also accept that there is also a group of individuals that lie in between.
Motivational theory is compatible with government efficiency because of various reasons. First and foremost is the fact that people are highly going to be motivated if they see their needs are being met and the government will continue to invest in them. This is crucial in public policies such as Cash for Clunkers or FAFSA programs. In order to ensure that the public buys into this programs, their needs must be met. Public policy also must be aggressive in facilitating individuals with Credit and house ownership. This increases spending within the country in which more people have purchasing power.
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