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Using the UTILITARIANISM STRATEGY Briefly explain the strategy in your own words and describe how the strategy would be used to determine the right action if you found a wallet containing $300 - Essay Example

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It happened because utilitarianism is definitely the kind of ethical doctrine which principles can be extremely practical and useful when building a virtuous society.
John Stewart Mill’s (2001) Utilitarianism claims that…
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Using the UTILITARIANISM STRATEGY Briefly explain the strategy in your own words and describe how the strategy would be used to determine the right action if you found a wallet containing $300
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"Using the UTILITARIANISM STRATEGY Briefly explain the strategy in your own words and describe how the strategy would be used to determine the right action if you found a wallet containing $300"

Download file to see previous pages Mill argues that people should act the way it brings them as much happiness as possible, and the only way they should sacrifice their own interests if their decision will bring more valuable common good than the personal one (Brink 2008).
In the situation when someone finds a wallet containing $300 Utilitarian ethics has a certain way of solving such a moral dilemma. As far as human should act the way it will bring him more happiness, but acting morally, if you know whose wallet it is than you have to act according to the principle: do as you would be done by. The explanation is very simple: if the moral principle’s purpose is to build good and virtuous society, than everyone would be happy and grateful to receive his lost wallet. But if you don’t know whose wallet it is than you can keep it, because the money you found will make you happy.
Brink, David. (2008). Mills Moral and Political Philosophy. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.). Retrieved from: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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