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Cyber Security - Term Paper Example

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With the innovation of internet and high levels of computer programming, organizations are dependent on computer programs to make their operation smoother, less time-consuming and error free. Various…
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Cyber Security
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Extract of sample "Cyber Security"

Download file to see previous pages With the development of science and technology, the possibility of cyber threat increases. Cyber criminals vary from organized group of hackers supported by various kinds of political, ethical or retaliatory motives to virtual robbery activities, inspired by financial gain. It is vital for organizations to understand the profile and mode of operations of targeted areas. According to Martin (2013), “Targeted, organized and long-term threats categorized as “advanced persistent threats” can be a significant problem due to sophisticated technology, expert attackers and potentially Nation State sponsorship” (p.1).
The main objective of this paper is to analyze the concept of cyber security in association with a recent international event. It analyses the possible threats that people may face in cyberspace. The paper seeks to answer questions related to cyber security such as: who is been harmed and by whom, what is the harm/causation, what is the broader implication of the harm and what is the major moral issue on hand. Most importantly, it will discuss how companies use such as rights theory, justice theory, an ethics of character, and an ethics of care while relating the same about the particular incident.
The concept of cyber security in modern world is important to understand cyber threat. Cyber security is developed to protect the individual users as well as companies. The term cyber threat can be defined as an outsiders attempt to hamper the normal operation of any particular system which is designed to help the normal activities of the people in a society. Cyber threats can be a great danger for the financial sector, government, and the army. In countries such as USA, the statistics associated with the cyber-crime is increasing rapidly. With the situation so alarming, the President of USA, Barack Obama forced to declare the month of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Cyber Security Cyber Security Affiliation If someone asked you for advice on what he or she should do first to get started onIntrusion Detection, what would you recommend? If someone asks me for advice on what he or she should do first to get started on intrusion detection then I would suggest him to think about what advantages or opportunities he expects from the deal he is going to make. In this scenario, one excellent starting point can be from looking at the impact of previous intrusions (Bloedorn, Christiansen, Hill, Skorupka, Talbot, & Tivel, 2002). However, if he or she has been caused to experience intrusions and hacking act before, they will be acquainted with the risks out of need. In this scenario, getting knowledge of previous...
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Cyber Security is used to denote cyber security. Effective cyber security employs coordinated efforts throughout the information system. Some of the major elements of cyber security include end-user education, application security, disaster recovery/ business continuity planning, network security and information security (Marshall, 85). World governments devote huge sums of their annual budgets towards enhancing cyber security with the United States in particular, since 2010 allocating over 13 million USD annually for the next 5 years to...
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...Cyber Security Cyber Security There is a pressing need for organization’s antivirus policy to specify that anti-virus be configuredin a way that they quarantine files infected with viruses rather than automatically deleting them. Deleting the infected files often lead to non-functioning of the application or operating system, an aspect that can temporarily paralyze operations of a business. This would automatically result into losses, especially if the problem is serious (Mishra, 2013). Experts suggest deleting the infected files as the worst option an antivirus can resort to. Furthermore, some antivirus applications identify certain types of files as infected while they are not. If such antivirus are programmed to be deleting files...
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...Cyber Security and Start-ups What is a DDoS attack? A DDoS Attack is an attempt to make an online service inaccessible by overpowering it through the obstruction from various sources. The motive of the attacker is to receive payments in Bitcoins before releasing the service to resume its normal functions. The attack targets significant resources used by business organizations, security firms or schools by making it a challenge to access the information. The authors indicate that the charges requested normally range between $100 and $300, but there are fears it could be increased in the future to extort more users (Perlroth & Wortham, 2014). How can a small company protect itself from DDoS attacks? A small company can protect itself...
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