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Sample Cyber Security Profile - Essay Example

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Commerce, transactions, and work are conducted through the internet and technology. Leaving contemporary ways also results in more vulnerabilities with new technologies. This paper discusses the many facets of protecting these vulnerabilities against large-scale attacks…
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Sample Cyber Security Profile
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Download file to see previous pages According to many publications, NIST is very proactive in this element as one of the main is attacks on User Domain. There are several types of attacks on the User Domain that are prevalent, as they can be quite successful against an uninformed or untrained employee. By implementing good company policies and ensuring that best practices against these attacks are used, an organization should be able to mitigate the risks found in the User Domain.
Within the realm of User Domain, NIST is also very comprehensive in its understanding spoofing and DDoS. One of the worst vulnerabilities for user domains is insider attacks. Insider attacks occur. For instance, denial of service and spoofing are one the most common themes that occur. The problem is the fact that intercepting authentication or other sensitive information can be executed with the current WAN technology since it utilizes the traditional TCP/IP in user domains. (Best Practices for the Security 2013)Moreover, spoofing can also be conducted since an intruder can deceive the network that it recognizes a possible unauthorized access. The problem with installing firewalls in a user domain is the fact that they are fully feasible. Insider attacks occur when one user domain gains more privilege than the other user and shares that information. Tipton (2005) This becomes extremely dangerous because it allows the hacker to have one central location to exploit information. (Best Practices for the Security 2013) Inside attacks can be vast and potent depending on the type of attack. For instance, an executing script can copy sensitive information and can make one central machine a master. This can be detrimental to a data breach. This master to slave configuration can be used with full throttle for malicious attacks.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sample Cyber Security Profile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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