Evidence-Based Techniques for Evaluating Cyber Protection Systems for Critical Infrastructures - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay suggests that at present, modern societies confront new problems, like global terrorism and other malevolent attacks, which make securing critical infrastructures more challenging…
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Evidence-Based Techniques for Evaluating Cyber Protection Systems for Critical Infrastructures
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Extract of sample "Evidence-Based Techniques for Evaluating Cyber Protection Systems for Critical Infrastructures"

The methods proposed in this research apply a somewhat unique group of security technology primitives, involving system management primitives, monitoring, access control, authentication, data-aging protection, integrity checking, and encryption. These algorithms will be employed to develop the cybersecurity walls between cyber sites at critical infrastructures.
This research concludes that the evidence-based model adequately sheds light on the ambiguity or insecurity in the user feedback to the CPS evaluation, and thus in the provisional risk assessments for the whole physical and cyber protection scheme. The actions required to improve the effectiveness and security of critical infrastructures are primarily in the model of defense against malevolent attacks. Critical infrastructure protection requires foreseeing measures that go above simple material protection of infrastructures or resources against attacks. Involving all concerned actors for the tasks of planning, regulating, and operating various infrastructures that provide essential services to different communities are an indispensable necessity. Read More
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