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The author concludes that cybersecurity is very essential to national and homeland security in it assists in barring computer hackers from accessing critical information. The private sector needs to adopt the best practice standards to ensure that it takes part in cybersecurity.    …
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Cyber Security and Business
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Download file to see previous pages Cybersecurity will assist guard business and consumers will bring important infrastructures on which the economy relies on, and improve national security. While calling for cybersecurity, the government should approach the issue with care in order to guard innovation, privacy, open nature of the internet and liberty. However, the ever-changing and interlinked nature of networks places cybersecurity at a risky place in that it is becoming hard to secure confidential information (Heiman 33-36). Therefore, the government and private sector must work hand in hand in order to enhance cybersecurity. The government is justified in telling the private sector how to enhance or improve cybersecurity because there is urgent need to protect and secure our processors/computers, financial institutions, confidential information on national security and other significant aspects of the governments' infrastructure (Kirby n.p). The government is calling on tough government regulation of what is posted in the cyberspace. The government understands that the computer systems need to be secure because of the ever increasing function of information and the rapid growth in the e-commerce area have made cybersecurity significant to the economy. In addition, cyber security is important to the functioning of safety essential systems like the response to an emergency and to the guard of the government’s infrastructure systems. The private sector has been opposing governments efforts to impose stricter regulation of cyber security but it is of great significance to protect the telecommunication sector and electric grid that is in the hands of the private sector. If a United States of America enemy attacked the computer system or networks that control these sectors, private organizations that own them would have to handle these network themselves without government’s aid. Such a situation will leave the United States of America infrastructure exposed and vulnerable in case of cyber war with its enemies (Kirby n.p).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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