Cyber Security in Business Organizations - Case Study Example

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With the incorporation of information technology into organizational operations, corporations have become vulnerable to a plethora of information security risks. Failure of…
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Cyber Security in Business Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages Information security failures tip the balance and expose organizations to the aforementioned threats.
Organizations are challenged by the trend to ‘go global’ which implies that security programs should encompass the entire global market of a firm. In effect, this means that each individual unit of the firm dispersed globally should take responsibility for the security risks that are encountered. Despite having a strong central security infrastructure in place, ownership is an important issue that drives information security forward, especially in situations where the business critical applications lie outside the infrastructure (Johnson and Goetz, 2007).
Internal organizational factors are also critical to the information security challenge. Education and consultancy within the organization has become important to ensure that employees understand what they are asking for so that security professionals can better respond to the need of the situation. However, spreading awareness through consultancy is not an absolute solution. Many organizational members are resistant to change and change management is a subject executives are often concerned about. Facilitating a proactive work culture and involving line managers to take responsibility and auditors to enforce security can be pivotal. This can ensure compliance and help deal with information security issues by making internal employees accountable (Johnson and Goetz, 2007).
Protecting data and information in the midst of mobile technology has become an even greater challenge. The new age of smart phones has built a collaborative environment where protecting information security and intellectual property has become a great concern. Permissions are granted through a strong identity management system to access the information. However, a lot of it has to do with policy making and the enforceability of such policies. Compliance with information security standards is another challenge for many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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