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The Mythical Democratic- Republican National Convention (DRNC) - Essay Example

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This paper talks about the DNRC is a highly publicized event which will attract a lot of media attention and a large number of spectators, participants as well as protestors. The population in Miami as well as the high number of security threats in the area should not be left…
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The Mythical Democratic- Republican National Convention (DRNC)
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Extract of sample "The Mythical Democratic- Republican National Convention (DRNC)"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the recommendations based on the risk analysis include that high security personnel should be deployed in the Bicentennial Park since it will be hosting over 20, 000 protestors who may be targets for a terrorist or bombing attack as well as to prevent them from becoming too violent and disrupting the meeting. The same security personnel with assistance from the security cameras should monitor the Hotel Row which will be housing the dignitaries and media personnel. Majority of the security parameters from the air surveillance to concrete barriers, bomb screening and experts to CCTV cameras and anti-terrorism forces should be present in the arena. There should also be set aside corridors and areas for mass evacuation and mass casualty treatment in case of any attack. The fire department should also be on the forefront with their evacuation skills to lend a hand in case of any risk. During the planning and resource allocation process, the planning committee and sub-committee should make considerations of the number of security forces need with different expertise from ground to air surveillance.
This paper makes a conclusion that the combination of the threats, the vulnerabilities and the consequence of the threats happening have led to the identification and ranking of the risk factors and infrastructural assets that need to be considered during planning. The recommendations made are specific enough for the planning committee to consider in their budgetary allocations if curbing of the risks is to not only be effective but efficient as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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