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As the first nation to develop and use nuclear weapons, the United States is in something of a unique position with respect to the decisions it makes concerning nuclear weapons proliferation and other nuclear questions in an international sense. For decades, the United States…
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Nuclear plan
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As the first nation to develop and use nuclear weapons, the United s is in something of a unique position with respect to the decisions it makesconcerning nuclear weapons proliferation and other nuclear questions in an international sense. For decades, the United States urged fellow countries to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty as a means of discouraging further environmental degradation and arms races throughout the world. However, the fact of the matter is that the emphasis for the United States to encourage banning the testing of nuclear weapons was not ultimately a desire to protect the environment. Instead, the United States was uniquely interested in maintaining a level of hegemony during the period in question. Even though the Cold War has subsequently ended and the division between East and West as partially healed, the United States is still insecure with respect to its overall projection of force throughout the world and the question of whether or not we can continue to be a global hegemony in a uni-polar system. As a function of this, it is the understanding of this particular analyst that it is incumbent upon the United States to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty as a function of not only preserving the peace of ensuring that more destruction to the global environment is not affected.
Ultimately, the desire not to sign the treaty is based upon the understanding that the United States can withhold this action as potential leverage within the face of an international crisis. What is meant by this is that during the time in which great powers might be in conflict, the United States might very well choose this particular period of time to test a particular new and devastating nuclear weapons. This would likely be done as a means of sending a signal and not necessarily with respect to seeking to understand the scientific properties behind the physics which allows the weapon to work. Another rationale for why the United States should sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty has to do with the fact that physical path of nuclear weapons are no longer required in an era in which supercomputers can provide extraordinarily salient and effective projections for the healed and megaton power they nuclear weapon is able to deliver. Whereas a fledgling nation that has only recently developed nuclear weapons might wish not to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the United States should; due to the fact that every nation on earth is fully cognizant of the United States nuclear weapons potential and the fact that it could destroy the earth many times over with its nuclear weapons stockpile (Graham, 2014). As such, seeking to posture and show the world the arsenal of the United States by sporadic nuclear weapons testing serves no other function but to degrade the environment and provide long-lasting international relations damage between United States and other civilized nations. The world is currently pockmarked with thousands of different test sites that superpowers of utilized as a function of projecting their strength. Further testing is neither required nor able to be sustained by an already damaged and fragile environment.
Graham Jr., A. (2014). The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, the Relationship. AIP Conference Proceedings, 159674-78. doi:10.1063/1.4876457 Read More
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