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Discuss a state that has been in flux between a democracy and another form of government over the past 20-25 years - Article Example

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In a news article written by Chatterjee (2013), the Indian democracy is not an exception to a decisive shift in power regarding the governmental operations of…
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Discuss a state that has been in flux between a democracy and another form of government over the past 20-25 years
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Extract of sample "Discuss a state that has been in flux between a democracy and another form of government over the past 20-25 years"

Download file to see previous pages his paper aims to discuss the influx in India’s form of government from a unitary government ruled by a single party into what is now a democratic state. Further, this seeks to discuss the key characteristics, issues, legitimacy, social and political factors, as well as the wave of democracy that has affected India’s present government system.
Democracy suggests a rule by the people. India is among those developing nations that have fostered a democratic multi-party system since it gained its independence where it adopted a parliamentary government with the President acting as the Constitutional head and the Prime Minister as the real head of the executive (Sharma, 2011, p. 146). Moreover, national unity, social revolution and stability are strongly enshrined in the Indian Constitution, which promotes the goal of a parliamentary democracy, fundamental rights and principles. Since India is notably the largest democracy, its Constitution also features the administrative procedures for Judiciary operation, selection of the members of Legislature, division between the Union and States, tax imposition, public services, electoral systems, and other salient characteristics for its democratic governance (Abbas, Kumar, & Alam, 2011, p. 98). As such, it is through its liberal democratic government that the Indian society can facilitate the recognition and exercise of human rights including the right of suffrage and be elected, or realize politically democratic values that are characterized by equality and absence of gender and social discrimination.
Among the issues that have pushed India into a democracy include those affecting the civil society, the pressures of seeking autonomy, as well as with globalization that has largely influenced the political ideologies and policies of the state (Shively, 2014). As an opinion, however, other issues that may have propelled India to become a democratic state involve economic, social, and religious challenges that have created ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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