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Leadership concepts - Dissertation Example

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Leadership entails the process of influencing or supporting others in order to achieve a certain goal. It is vital to note that for any team to be effective and achieve the predetermined objectives, it must be effectively coordinated by a focused leader. For a leader to be effective in his duties he or she must posses certain traits. …
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Leadership concepts
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Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to discuss seven notable leadership concepts, different ethical aspects of the concepts as well as how I plan to incorporate the leadership concepts in my leadership development. Leadership traits entail personal characteristics that make an individual to be effective in his or her leadership process. According to the research that has been conducted by various scholars, successful leaders are different from other people based on the personal aspects that positively contribute to the success. This implies that an organization must be at a position of identifying the key traits possessed by their leaders in order to come up with unique ways of leader selection, training as well as other skills development aspects. One of the major leader’s traits is being determined and strong drive. Individual with high level of determination tend to extensively pursue their goals as well as working for long hours. Additionally, leaders who are determined are in a better position to formulate sustainable solutions. Self-confidence is another major trait that makes an individual a successful leader. Some of the major aspects that are related to self-confidence include emotional stability, self-esteem and self-assurance among others. A leader who has self confidence is not only in a position to build trust among the workers but also he or she is able to create the spirit of commitment among the team members. As an individual who has self confidence, my future leadership plan will entail sharing these values with my followers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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