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Advantages and Disadvantages of Intercultural Communication - Assignment Example

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This paper is being carried out to evaluate the interaction of context and intercultural communication as well as describe and analyze major strategies or tactics to improve intercultural competence. The paper will also analyze the “building coalitions” approach to intercultural competence…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Intercultural Communication
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Extract of sample "Advantages and Disadvantages of Intercultural Communication"

Download file to see previous pages The authors noted that the challenges do not necessarily refer to demerits or disadvantages of having intercultural communication. Rather, it focused on some of the key shortfalls in achieving effective intercultural communication. Some differences were noted to be variations in interest, beliefs, ambitions, philosophies, and goals. The approach taken by the authors will be analyzed as a step in the right direction, given that most people have failed to take advantage of the benefits that come with effective intercultural communication, only because they do not know the right approaches to take in getting their communications put across properly.
Chapter 12 is the part of the book where the authors bring readers close to ways and means by which they can engage in, and ensure effective communication in an intercultural context. This is done by emphasizing areas of competence where people can learn to improve as part of effective intercultural communication. Analyzing the approach to the chapter, it can be said that the authors were very transcending with their discussion because they viewed competence from several perspectives, including social science, interpretive, and critical perspectives. Once this was done, it was possible to feed the reader with information on strategies for achieving effective communication as it pertains to each of these areas of competence.
The book turned out to be a very useful source in understanding and appreciating the interaction of context and intercultural communication. From the knowledge developed from the book, it can be said that context refers to the premise and circumstance under which a person makes an analogy, speech or sends a message. Intercultural communication, on the other hand, is a form of communication that is taking place among people from a different cultural background. The relationship that exists between these two is that people from different cultures have different contexts for the same ideas or messages that are put across. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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