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Education High School: My Potential Classmate - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Education High School: My Potential Classmate" claims that college and university students also find themselves involved in a broad and extremely diverse social network the influence of which is difficult to measure, but also impossible to deny. …
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Education High School: My Potential Classmate
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Download file to see previous pages Encounters between students who have different cultural, ethnic, economic and academic experiences often play a decisive role in shaping their personalities. Perhaps it will not be an exaggeration to say that sometimes such encounters are more important for the personal growth of students than the formal aspect of education. I have certain expectations regarding my future studies and, of course, my potential classmates. However, the latter portion of expectations is not limited to a list of specific physical or psychological preferences: I perceive my potential classmate as a collective person rather than a separate individual. Of course, this collective classmate consists of individuals with varied cultural backgrounds and academic achievements, diverse living experiences, and personal qualities, but all of them are equally important elements of a unique social network that will never repeat again in the future. The potential of this collective classmate in expanding one’s views of the world and motivating personal growth is incomparably higher than that of any individual in the entire world. There are several personal qualities I would prefer to see in those whom will surround throughout my studies. These are intelligence, flexibility and the ability to compromise, respectful attitude toward others, coupled with a good deal of confidence and sociability. Although the list can be extended to include many other items, precisely these qualities form the top layer of my hierarchy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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