The Dilemma of Legalizing Gay Marriages - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay intends to describe a personal take on the issue of legalizing gay marriages in America. The writer, therefore, critiques the idea of same-sex marriage in terms of social norms and founding legal principles of the United States…
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The Dilemma of Legalizing Gay Marriages
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[Teacher’s Gay marriage The issue of same sex marriage is one which has been on the spotlight in recent years. The dilemma in the lies in the fact that people believe in certain liberties and rights, however, they are also tempted to adhere and preserve societal norms. Many individuals have suggested that gay marriage should be legalized. James Kellard shares this opinion and stated that the arguments presents against gay marriage are illegitimate and hold no substantial value (n.p). Kellard stated that most of these marriages are based on religion, something which was stated to be a separate entity from the laws (n.p). In addition, he illustrates that conservatives do not have the right to implement their religious beliefs on another group of people. The 14th amendment can be used to protect gay marriage and the conservatives do not base their arguments against gay marriage on any legal concepts or founding principles of the country. Kellard also argues against the fact that people are against children being educated about gay marriages at school (n.p). He states that this is not protecting them as they will be exposed to this information at some point in their lives. Kellard states that the notion that gay marriage is against the constitution of marriage is wrong as the main reason people get married is for love (n.p).
On the other hand, many people are against the legalizing of gay marriages. This group of individuals considers the act as unnatural and incompatible to society. Per Springg stated that the advocates for gay marriage are unaware of the long term implications that exist with legalizing gay marriages (n.p). Some of these effects would include the teaching of homosexual marriage in public schools. This would directly influence the mentality of children in schools and affect societal norms. Many of these children will be led towards gay marriage as it would be something new. Hence, this threatens religious liberties and many religions would be persecuted and condemned for opposing gay marriage. The other impacts would be on the increase in the number of divorces and a reduction in the number of heterosexual marriages. This would also result in the denial of either a mother or a father for many children who are raised in these families. Since homosexuals are incapable of reproduction physiologically, there would be a decrease in the birth rate which will affect the dynamics of the population in the country. In addition, other people such as polygamists would also raise the point that they are allowed to marry multiple partners based on the same arguments as gay marriage.
I believe that gay marriage should not be legalized. It threatens the institution of marriage and would lead to the “slippery slope”. In essence, legalizing gay marriage would mean that the government has to legalize other forms of marriage such as with animals, relatives, and multiple partners or even to oneself. The argument for the population is also valid as these couple cannot reproduce and a reduction in the population would be disastrous to society as the human race would soon be unable to sustain its own population.
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(The Dilemma of Legalizing Gay Marriages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
The Dilemma of Legalizing Gay Marriages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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