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Economic Developments of People from Different Races - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Economic Developments of People from Different Races" states that the part of this memo which interested me most is its introduction. Here, the writer gave a highlight of what the research was about. It was about the widening gap between the economic developments of people…
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Economic Developments of People from Different Races
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Extract of sample "Economic Developments of People from Different Races"

First, the introduction would be made more detailed to give a brief summary of the entire research. Besides, all the findings would be explained deeply.
In my opinion, the conclusion is shallow. It should be strengthened by providing more examples and explanations from the entire research. It should help in recapping the findings of the entire research. At the same time, it would have also incorporated some recommendations and viewpoints. This would definitely enrich it (Hoffman 47).
These paragraphs do not smoothly flow. They are not coherent. In this regard, they should all be made to be coherent and flowing right from the introduction up to the conclusion.
Yes. It relies heavily on evidence. Most of the findings reported were actually discovered during the research.
The examples and the ideas presented in this memo are quite related. Meaning, it is clear evidence that the research was actually conducted before reaching the conclusion made. However, they were to be properly organized. Read More
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(Economic Developments of People from Different Races Assignment - 16)
Economic Developments of People from Different Races Assignment - 16.
“Economic Developments of People from Different Races Assignment - 16”, n.d.
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