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Nelson Mandela Speech to the UN Special Committee against Apartheid - Essay Example

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This paper will focus on the speech by Nelson Mandela to the Special Committee against Apartheid in June 1990.Apartheid is form of racial discrimination that existed in South Africa for many years. Apartheid means apart-ness in Afrikaans…
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Nelson Mandela Speech to the UN Special Committee against Apartheid
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This paper refers to Mandela’s speech after the declaration and was a follow up regarding what was happening regarding apartheid in South Africa. Since then the UN passed many resolutions regarding apartheid. In 1976 the UN Centre against apartheid was created. Prior to Mandela’s speech in 1990, the General Assembly adopted the “Declaration on Apartheid and its Destructive Consequences in South Africa”. This declaration called for negotiations between all parties to end apartheid and create a democracy free from racial discrimination.
Nelson Mandela is the person giving the speech to the Special Committee against Apartheid. He is giving the speech because even though the journey to stop apartheid had began through UN efforts, he believed that nothing much was happening in South Africa especially after the declaration by the UN General Assembly in December 1989.
The speech was made to the Special Committee against Apartheid in New York in June 1990. The audience included the permanent representative and Chairman of the Special Committee against Apartheid, the President of the UN General Assembly, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Excellencies and permanent representatives of the UN and Heads and Observer Missions. The audience represented people from around the world who were member states of the United Nations. This was a forum of member states of the United Nations and a great opportunity for Nelson Mandela to explain the oppressiveness of Apartheid to the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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