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Pursuing Success and Peace - Essay Example

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The paper "Pursuing Success and Peace" describes that no one will have to resort to violence to get what we want but through patience and determination, we could all live peacefully together and make use of our resources in a good manner as evidence that we are not just human beings but educated…
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Pursuing Success and Peace
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Extract of sample "Pursuing Success and Peace"

Full Pursuing Success and Peace Our nation has always been known for the abundance of its natural resources that make itwealthy. However, there are other sides of the story that may not be as enviable as the economic stability our oils keep bringing to the nation. It is known that the Middle East is often disturbed by wars and differing political ideologies that do not just affect the economy but also individual lives, mostly the ordinary people, who tend to step down a steep inclination in their financial status. This problem has long been an issue not only in our nation but among neighboring nations as well. I have witnessed the wars and poverty in my own country despite the knowledge that it is known to be a rich nation and I often wondered what could be wrong about us. As a result, I pondered about this and observed individual lives as well which I often thought have an effect on the national circumstances. I think so many people fall victims of physical and political wars not only because of poverty but also due to ignorance. A person is often easily carried by emotions and need when he has nothing else to hold on to. Thus, in order to survive and be at peace with one’s environment, an individual should have something to hold on to as an anchor so that he will not be easily swayed by needs and emotions.
In my quest to find out what makes people feel secure and stable, I discovered that among them is education. We had neighbors who were not very affluent years ago but when the children grew, they seemed to have climbed up the ladder of success in quite a short time. When I first became aware of the importance of wealth and education, I observed that I was more inclined to getting more information and not just let things be said and not thought about. I begun to envy our successful neighbors but with that, I yearned to know how they did it. I observed how they lived their lives and I really sought to find out what their jobs are and where they were working. In the process, I learned that some of them were working as engineers but most of the successful ones are chief executives or bankers. This made me think about the course I would like to take in preparation for my success story. I then assessed my talents, skills, interests and inclinations and decided to take __________. I know I will not just become successful in my career but that I will also be good at it with my talent and skills. However, I know that those are not enough as I found out in the past years. One must have to hold an education, a training that will show one’s abilities and capabilities to prove that he could be competent in the job. Therefore, I decided to pursue my studies in the United States because I am not satisfied with just an education but I want to have a good quality of education. This is not to say that education in my country is not of quality standard but studying in America brings more advantages to me such as making me become more fluent in the English language. One of the things that I learned in my search for the answers to my questions is that, education, businesses and other important dealings are now on a global level. For this reason, being able to speak in English is very essential for ambitious individuals who are determined to pursue their dreams. I know that when everyone is educated, we would not easily believe the lies that abound around us. Moreover, when everyone has the means to improve his life, no one will have to resort to violence to get what we want but through patience, perseverance and determination, we could all live peacefully together and make use of our resources in a good manner as an evidence that we are not just human beings but educated as well. Read More
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Pursuing Success and Peace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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