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Governments Position Towards Legalization of Marijuana - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Government’s position towards legalization of Marijuana” the author analyzes legalization of Marijuana in the United States of America. The government, together with many other bodies, should consider legalizing the use of marijuana as an alternative solution…
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Governments Position Towards Legalization of Marijuana
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"Governments Position Towards Legalization of Marijuana"

Download file to see previous pages These positive attributes include medical value and recreational use. Most of the Americans who use marijuana do so because they have made deliberate and conscious decisions to use it. Facts show that most of these American prefer using marijuana as a way of relaxing (Morgan 27). They say that it serves them better than when they use alcohol. There are many others who use it as a way of relieving pain and spasticity. These are individuals who have tried the conventional medicines, but the modern medicines have not served them. Most of the users of marijuana say that they have made an observation that it has a low dependence liability and that it has got minimal side effects which are easy to manage (Kenworthy 29); therefore, it makes sense to make that drug legal (Varney 4). Those who use marijuana for a significant amount of time develop a tolerance for its side effects. In case some of these people fail to develop this tolerance, they opt to stop using the drug. Most of the Americans who use marijuana have a truly informed consent before making a decision to use the drug. This is because they consider that using marijuana has more benefits compared to the risks of using the same drug. Marijuana can support many vital government programs if it is taxed (Kenworthy 29). This is because the drug is extremely expensive, at the moment, for the American justice system. When the law enforcing agents arrest about 800,000 Americans per year because of either using or possessing the drug, they forego there are beneficial programs in order to do this (Turnlund 19). All these individuals are then taken to court, and it takes a lot of time before all these cases can be disposed. This is what it means to say that the use of marijuana is too expensive to the American justice system (Morgan 27). All these people cause the American jail to be clogged, and jail space is wasted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Governments Position Towards Legalization of Marijuana Research Paper.
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Legalization of Marijuana leading them towards harder drugs like LSD, cocaine and Ecstasy and usage of such substances will spoil their precious time and health (Halperin, 2008). Substance addiction can also create severe behavior, psychological and emotional disorders that ultimately results in destructive outcomes. Legalization of marijuana will encourage individuals to consume it in an excessive amount that will ultimately contribute to ruin their health and attitude (Halperin, 2008). Addictive Behavior: Addictive behavior of young individuals towards marijuana refers to the behavior for a specific substance that becomes a main focus of life to the exclusion of all other...
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...the seizures that plagued my life. About 25% of epileptics do not respond to medicines. I am one of many who do not. While the prescription drugs left me debilitated, I discovered that with marijuana I could completely control the onset of a seizure. For me this knowledge was freedom. By using it I am able to abandon pharmaceutical medication and its side effects. Arrest and acquittal In August of 1992 my husband, Mike and I were arrested for felony cultivation of five marijuana plants that I grow openly in our front yard. This crime is punishable by three years in state prison. After our arrest we realized the importance of challenging the existing laws governing the medical use of...
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.... The economic feasibility of decriminalizing marijuana has become a much-discussed subject in recent years. The federal government presently spends a lot of capital on law enforcement to combat distributors and producers of drugs. By legalizing drugs this could eradicate much of the profit, bloodshed and corruption of that trade. If legalizing drugs is to have a positive effect on the crime rate, drugs must be made both inexpensive and available. Studies have repetitively suggested that prohibiting marijuana in the U.S. has not shown to be efficient or effective. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, “U.S. federal, state and local...
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Legalization of medical marijuana
...? Body of Essay Dani Frazier Jones International Dr. Rochelle Harris ENG101 June 9, This article will pose arguments on the controversial issue of legalization of medical marijuana mainly focusing on policies and regulations governing this issue in the United States. The discussion will lay emphasis on individuals who are affected by the legalization of marijuana, the effects that marijuana banks have on the community, the importance of legalizing marijuana and the future of using the medicinal properties of marijuana in America. The use of marijuana in the medical field dates back several years amid the plethora of disputes and opposition the practice has faced. Several countries including Germany, Spain, Canada, Israel, Portugal... ,...
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...? Legalization of Medical Marijuana Dani Frazier International Dr. Rochelle Harris ENG101 Assignment 6 June 15, The research aims to proffer arguments on the controversial issue of legalization of medical marijuana mainly focusing on policies and regulations governing this issue in the United States. The discussion will place emphasis on individuals who are affected by the legalization of marijuana, the effects that marijuana banks have on the community, the importance of legalizing marijuana and the future of using the healing properties of marijuana in...
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...? Legalization of Marijuana Since the dawn of time, human beings have been exploring every substance available to them for its positive uses. Alexander Fleming looked past the unpleasant appearance and nature of fungus and was able to make penicillin out of it; a drug that has since then been saving countless lives. In the same way, one could not imagine a positive use for the feces of a cow. Yet, people were able to find a very resourceful use for it as a very effective natural fertilizer. Humankind can learn a significant lesson from these examples, which is that no substance, no matter how unpleasant on the surface, is devoid of some useful characteristic. This is...
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Marijuana Legalization
...of factors. One is being clearly defining the lines of its usage. Its distribution, its purchase, its business which will come into open market must be checked and done so in a calculated manner. The best that can be done is to provide its distribution under a specific condition and under prescribed formula from the government and administrative authorities. No free hand can be given in this regard since it would promote its indiscriminate usage. Secondly the rules must be defined as to who exactly can use it and under what circumstances one may be allowed to use it. In recent times, Washington and Colorado have come up as front runners in race towards legalizing the usage of...
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...Legalization of Marijuana Introduction New trends in the society have caused legalization disputes on whether marijuana should be legalized or not. Debates have led to the development of opinions that are for and against its legalization. Research conducted on the benefits of the drug have led to it medical uses (Gerber 13). Legalization of the drug is based on its impact to the society and individual health. States such as Colorado have already legalized marijuana and started feeling the impacts. Legalization of marijuana leads to both...
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....). Students as young as in grade 8th are taking the drug which reflects their positive attitude towards the drug. During recent years, the use has increased sharply suggesting the degree of issue. Due to the prevalence of the drug’s usage among young people and the extent of the issue, the issue is worth an argument. In this paper, I will try to make a case against the legalization of marijuana and consider the points highlighted by Mark Kleiman in his article ‘Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Have to Lead to Commercialization’. The most important reason for anyone to debate on the subject of marijuana...
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Marijuana Legalization the security department. Each day hundreds of young people are arrested by the police officers after selling or abusing the drugs. The government is at a crossroad as jails continue to become more congested (Sulum 1). Cases related with this drugs have piled up, an aspect that is putting more strain on the judicial system which is understaffed. Therefore, legalizing the drug will shift the attention of the government and law enforcers towards criminal cases and dealing with more serious cases such as threats posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS (Travis 1). Legalizing Marijuana will see a reduced budget and the state benefit more...
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