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Research Paper Legalizing weed - Essay Example

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According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, support for decriminalization of marijuana had increased from 41 percent to 52 percent since 2010…
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Research Paper Legalizing weed
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Download file to see previous pages Sacco and Finklea note the status of marijuana claiming it is “the most commonly used illicit drug across the world” with about 18.9 million people in the US from age 12 and above admitting using marijuana in the past month (1). It is therefore apparent that criminalization of marijuana has not discouraged use given the increased number of people admitting usage. Based on the ongoing trend the discussion has been whether marijuana use should be legalized since criminalization has not resulted in a reduction in usage. In view of the changing public perceptions on marijuana use and possession this assay argues that smoking marijuana should be made legal for adults especially due to the potential benefits that such a move might have on the individual’s health, a country’s economy and reduction in usage of alcohol and hard drugs.
The shift in public towards acceptance of marijuana use has also come with a number of states in the US legalizing the use especially for medical purposes. Among these states are Washington and Colorado which have legalized the use and possession of marijuana while twenty other states limited its legality to medical use leading to the opinion that more sates should also follow the same route and that the federal government will also follow with repealing other draconian laws that have criminalized marijuana use. This is especially so when compared with laws prohibiting alcohol consumption where the federal government tried to stop consumption of alcohol for fourteen years but failed. The law prohibiting marijuana use has achieved the same result as that prohibiting alcohol consumption the only difference being laws prohibiting marijuana have been in effect for a longer period. However, Duke warns that increased public opinion in support of marijuana use does not mean there will be a move by the federal government to legalize use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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