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 The writer of this essay discusses a phrase when Newton said that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction, he was talking in purely scientific terms, however, he defined more than physics. For instance, someone who is drunk and decides to drive home anyway instead of taking a cab…
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Incidences of Cause-Effect in Life
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No: When newton said that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction, he was probably talking in purely scientific terms, however he defined more than physics. In nature and life this is often embodied in incidences of cause effect where ones actions eventually have consequences in the short or long term. All things, even those might appear to be the most mundane of occurrences in day to day life are subject to this phenomenal, for instance, someone who is drunk and decides to drive home anyway instead of taking a cab. The odds are, he will not have a crash, at least not on that day but by deciding to take that action, he has put himself at risk and he may cause an accident.
Nonetheless, if he does not have an accident on that day, he may become more likely to repeat the action making it more likely that he still have an accident some other time. Moreover, if he drives home and realized the risk he took, might not have been worth it, he could make a conscious decision not to drive in that condition again. In case of either way, every development will stem from his initial action of driving drunk whether it is an accident in posterity or future caution, as it is not always obvious since the actions of one person may translate in a negative effect on other people.
Ultimately, drinking and driving are a fatal combination and as long as one does both of these things, they are jeopardizing their health and life. This is because even though they may survive one or two incidence, there is a good chance that they will end up in an accident that will leave them injured or dead at some point in the future.
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(Incidences of Cause-Effect in Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Incidences of Cause-Effect in Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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