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From the paper "Social Cultural Perceptions" it is clear that social cultural perceptions have been associated with the MacBook Pro. This includes the recognition that the brand has achieved in the market in terms of efficiency, aesthetic and functionality…
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Social Cultural Perceptions
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Download file to see previous pages The greenery of the path as revealed by the grass on both of its sides represents a well conserved environment. Looking at the picture, it is almost impossible to fail to notice how smooth the terrain of the path is. It is this smoothness which makes walking or riding along the path to be both relaxing and ambient. The freshness of the atmosphere along the path is depicted by the surrounding vegetation which makes the path a place where an individual will always long to walk or ride along. The safety that bikers are accorded in riding along the path is demonstrated by the fact that the path is relatively far from the main highway.
Figure 2 below is that of a wall which I consider to create a need to do something about it. The wall which is located in the semi-busy part within the town is seen by a considerable number of people who pass by it. The people who pass along the wall must consider it a significant part of the town. As depicted by the picture, the wall is not exactly appealing. This is demonstrated by the graffiti on the wall which is not artistic at all. It is because of this that I consider that the wall must be repainted so that it would be appealing.
On a closer look at the picture, it is realized that some parts of it are actually falling down. This leads to the conclusion that if the wall cannot be repaired and repainted, then it needs to be removed. The current situation of this wall clearly gives the town a bad image. This is so especially for visitors and tourists who would be in town for the first time. Additionally, this wall evidently shows that a lot less is being done to improve the image of the town. The recommendation for making changes or improvements on the wall is therefore basically aimed at making it appealing and interesting to walk along as opposed to its current unattractive look. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Cultural Perceptions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Social Cultural Perceptions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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