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Whether the Arrivals of Immigrants to Australia Have Been Detrimental or Beneficial to Australian - Research Proposal Example

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The objective of the paper is to discuss the effect witnessed by Australia owing to its increasing immigration rate. Aimed to identify the virtues and the drawbacks of migration, three methods are intended to be implemented namely discourse analysis, in-depth interview and group discussion…
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Whether the Arrivals of Immigrants to Australia Have Been Detrimental or Beneficial to Australian
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Extract of sample "Whether the Arrivals of Immigrants to Australia Have Been Detrimental or Beneficial to Australian"

Download file to see previous pages Immigration refers to the act when a person from his/her birthplace i.e. home country attempts to settle in another country for the purpose of education or employment or any other similar reasons. With this regards, Rowthorn (2004) has stated that the study of immigration is a difficult process. However, through the article, the author was able to conclude that it is generally advantageous to welcome immigrants to the country so that the birth rate can be controlled along with encouraging equality in terms of wealth distribution. It is in this context that economic conditions of the host country can be witnessed as developing nature with the entrance of immigrants as they are charged with higher taxes than the locale population (Rowthorn, 2004).
Considering the example of Gypsies as the migrating population connecting its roots to no particular nation having different languages and culture, Armillei (2011) had initiated to develop an understanding regarding the pros and the cons of migration. The authors revealed that Gypsies’ culture and different languages create a misunderstanding in the economic environment for the host country encouraging the distinct dimensions of culture as well as an economic hierarchy. Even though this raises the heritage of the socio-cultural significance of the country, it is quite likely that the social institutions of the economy will have to face major conflicts in developing innovative systems and controlling such vibrant dimensions (Armillei, 2011). On the contrary, the positive impact of the immigration indicates a sustainable development of the host country in various dimensions relating to the prevailing economic conditions, growth of educational facilities and the social cultures.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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