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Supported Playgroups for Newly Arrived African immgrants in Australia - Term Paper Example

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The researcher of the current paper states that large-scale or extensive immigration from Africa to Australia is a recent occurrence. In 2006-2007, immigrants from Africa to Australia were almost 8,000 coming from different African nations, but mostly in Eastern and Southern African nations…
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Supported Playgroups for Newly Arrived African immgrants in Australia
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Extract of sample "Supported Playgroups for Newly Arrived African immgrants in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages African immigrants are considered to move to Australia because of their exceptional skills needed in the country or as refugees. Some move to Australia for family reunions, as well as secondary immigrants from other nations aside from Africa (Elliott & Yusuf 2014, p. 103). These immigrants are also considered to be experiencing a lot of difficulties when it comes to settling in Africa (Parliament of Australia n.d, p. 1). Some go through the normal racism due to skin color; others have difficulties settling such as finding a job, school, friends or simply starting their lives afresh. This comes with the different cultures and languages to find in Australia. For immigrants who have migrated with their children, they would want them to settle as fast as possible and find friends who can help them develop well and children and not miss out on the great learning opportunities of this important stage of life (Pennycook 2015, p. 187). There are many ways to have been developed to help immigrants settle in Australia including being enrolled in schools with many locals, religious centers welcoming immigrants who share similar religious backgrounds, being invited to live in areas where locals are more and also joining local playgroups for children (Oke, Stanley & Theobald 2007, p. 3). This essay will discuss benefits of implementing supported playgroups for newly arrived African immigrants in Australia. The essay will specifically discuss immigrants from East Africa e.g. Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and their difficulties in resettling in Australia especially women and child, and the challenges they face parenting in a new country. It will also look at the benefits as well as the limitations of integrating into the mainstream Australian society and the need for this supported playgroup for this particular group and finally how the playgroup helps the parents of CALD backgrounds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Supported Playgroups for Newly Arrived African Immgrants in Australia Term Paper.
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