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Exposure of Children to Second Hand Smoking - Case Study Example

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This paper stresses that most people understand the adverse effects of smoking, especially the increased risk of lung cancer and heart attack, but still they need some extra incentive to curb smoking. Understanding the consequences of second hand smoking to children may help us give up smoking. …
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Exposure of Children to Second Hand Smoking
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Extract of sample "Exposure of Children to Second Hand Smoking"

Download file to see previous pages According to the study they might stop smoking during pregnancy, many of the mothers resume smoking after they deliver their babies. This postnatal exposure is, however, can harm children. Living with smokers, even if they smoke away from home, can increase a child’s chances to have ear infections, allergies, asthma, pneumonia, wheezing, and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. Infants who are exposed to smoking caregivers or mothers who smoked during pregnancy are up to four times more likely to pass away of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome (SIDS), as environmental health practitioners researches assert. Parents and children care givers ought to improve their own and their children’s health by getting some assistance quitting smoking. Clinical and psychological counseling can play a notable impact in changing their lifestyles to salvage these innocent exposed angels.
This study outlines that although environmental health acts, for instance, The Maryland’s Clean Indoor Air Act 2007, was set to control public smoking and children’s right for healthy upbringing, more measures need to be implemented. This is because of lack of effective law coverage in this field. For instance, many mothers and caretakers smoke in their homes in the presence of their children without their knowledge. Therefore, a behavioral change and awareness counseling therapy can be more effectual in saving the children threatened. These laws are tremendously beneficial but they need amendments to be stiffer on the offenders.
An article “Kids and Second Hand Smoke: Some Reasons to Quit Smoking?” by Vincent Iannelli suggests that smokers need extra reason to stop smoking.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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