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The Human Consequences of War, Malnutrition among Children in Palestine, Darfur and DRC - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Human Consequences of War, Malnutrition among Children in Palestine, Darfur and DRC" leads terrifying statistics on social repercussions caused by those international conflicts, in particular, health-related complications like low weight, stunted growth, and even premature deaths. …
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The Human Consequences of War, Malnutrition among Children in Palestine, Darfur and DRC
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Extract of sample "The Human Consequences of War, Malnutrition among Children in Palestine, Darfur and DRC"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the countries of the world could have faced wars and other armed conflicts as part of their history, and importantly many countries are even facing it now and are considered as political and military hotspots.
However, there are strong beliefs against these wars and armed conflicts, with sizable sections of the world community opining that all the above-mentioned country-specific factors for war are just a façade, and it is nothing but an authorized mass-scale killing and harming of innocent people. That is, if a territory evolves into a geographical state or protects its territorial integrity or dominate others or even develops mainly through the path of war and other conflicts, then it will be considered as a cruel and dubious evolution. Although, wars are mainly fought between armed forces that are not the case always because during the war there are lots of innocent human lives through direct attacks and also as a form of collateral damage. Importantly, there will also be inhumane treatment of people during times of conflict as well as after the conflict. Thus, the consequences of war on humans will be manifold and quite tragically, along with adults, children could be affected maximally.
Initially, children will be affected by the shock, awe and the stress related to the actual conflict. Then, as the war prolongs, and also after the end of the war, the children could undergo various physical and psychosocial problems. Many children are killed and sizable suffer from loss of body parts. Apart from these direct and tragic impacts, children in war-torn areas also suffer due to health deterioration and the resultant illnesses and physical impairments caused by malnutrition. Malnutrition or deprival of a nutritious and balanced diet to the children is one of the grave consequences of the war. As wars lead to disruption of production as well as the supply of the food products, children suffer from dangerous health consequences. In war-torn areas, agriculture and even the imports or supply of food could be restricted due to various factors, and it prevents the parents from giving nutritious and balanced diet to the children, leading to malnutrition. This paper will discuss this particular consequence of war, by focusing on the war-torn territories of Palestine, Darfur, and DRC. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Human Consequences of War, Malnutrition Among Children in Palestin Case Study.
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