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The paper "Denver 16 Street Downtown" highlights that the housing system should be strengthened so that the homeless can be safe and secure. In addition, resources should be distributed to areas outside the city so that migration to the city is reduced…
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Denver 16 Street Downtown
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Urbanization refers to movement from the rural areas to the urban areas. People migrate to urban areas to look for employment opportunities, better education, improve their access to resources and information. Urbanization results in overcrowding which lead to poor public health, pollution, and increase in crimes due to competition for limited resources. Denver City accommodates large numbers of people who are either residents of the area or visitors. It has many tourist attractions because of human-made arts and features as well as natural scenes. The city has several hotels, bars, and shopping outlets along the 16th Street mall. Some people keep themselves busy by playing chess and entertaining visitors while others spare time to watch people and appreciate the beauty of the city (Grimm et al. 265).
Denver city has in place public transportation, which has reduced the amount of traffic on the roads since people prefer this mode of transport as it is cheaper and reliable. The amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere has reduced since few people use private vehicles reducing the amount of fuel consumed. The hotels and restaurants are highly maintained; hence, sanitation and public health standards are observed. The presence of the parks providing a good resting place for the town dwellers and provide a good opportunity for them to enjoy and appreciate their town (Grimm et al. 266).
On the other hand, the city planners and managers failed to a device and implement laws and policies governing operations of the city (Grimm et al. 267). For example, the number of homeless people is increasing each day where these people put up illegal camps within the city. The homeless and other idlers disrupt the peace of the town because they make it difficult for the normal functioning of the town. These groups of people also pollute the environment since they drop litter around the place, the sleeping bags, and tents lower the aesthetic beauty of the town. Read More
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