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The main objective of this assignment "Organized Hate: The Ideologies of Hate Groups" is to reflectively analyze the chapter from a particular reading that deals with the psychology of hate crime. The writer investigates the ways of preventing violence and aggressive behavior on the level of society…
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Organized Hate: The Ideologies of Hate Groups
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The implications of the formation of hate groups are most notorious in that, as the term hate implies, these groups express extreme aversion or hostility towards their defined focus; as they all possess characteristics of bigotry and being structurally organized. More identified with their activities are violent and exhibition of criminal acts believed to be consistent with their philosophies and beliefs and with utter disregard for social responsibility.
Personally, one believes that society must endeavor to create a check and balance mechanism that would pre-empt and anticipate aggressive behavior and violence planned to be perpetrated by these groups. By eliciting the assistance of authorized government security agencies (the FBI, anti-terrorist agencies, the police), the agenda of hate groups must be monitored and any untoward incident attributed to any of the groups’ members should be sanctioned according to proper legal proceedings.
The questions that came to one’s mind while reading the chapter are: (1) how effective are current government agencies’ measures in pre-empting violence and crimes planned by these hate groups? (2) Were there any benefits that have been identified to hate groups’ ideologies to society, aside from seeking to achieve the groups’ interests and goals? (3) Could society ultimately provide a solution to prevent the formation of hate groups? Read More
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