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The Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria as a Militia and Terrorist Group - Essay Example

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The reporter describes the Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria (ISIS) otherwise called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) as a militia and terrorist group that conducts the majority of its activities in the destabilized Middle East region…
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The Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria as a Militia and Terrorist Group
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Extract of sample "The Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria as a Militia and Terrorist Group"

Download file to see previous pages However, many Muslims and Islamic governments have refuted any association of the group with Islam. The group has continued to spread to Egypt and Libya. The Nigeria based militant group, the Boko Haram recently pledged allegiance to the ISIS. In the recent years, ISIS has proved to be the worst and most dangerous body of organized criminals the world has ever experienced. According to Lohlker (7), the dangers and harshness of the group are really considering its wide involvement in killings, abuse and violation of human rights. For instance, the group handles women and young girls with brutality. Several cases of group members gang-raping women and inducting young girls to sexual slavery have been reported. The group has kidnapped, tortured and killed many people. Majority of the ISIS victims whose executions have touched the hearts of many have been Western journalists. As well, pilots have been cognizable victims of ISIS operations. The group beheaded Jordanian and Japanese pilots in the month of January 2015. The inhumane way that ISIS has been executing its captives and terrorizing societies alongside its fast spread has driven every world and contain the group. The military force is an addition to the UN security council strategies that are intended to eliminate the group in the near future.
There is hope that the militia outfit, the ISIS, will be defeated soon. Such a view can be explained by the realization of the whole world, and specifically, the nations that have huge global influence, that ISIS is a common enemy. In fact, the American president Barrack Obama asserts that the ISIS is a great threat to the citizen of Syria, Iraq and the entire Middle Eastern region. In addition, he identifies American citizen and facilities to at threat of the ISIS attacks. Big global powers like the USA, UK, and the larger EU and Eastern powers have analyzed and realized that the group should not have any supporter. The group is terrorizing communities, races, religious believers and tribes without discrimination.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria As a Militia and Terrorist Group Essay - 10.
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