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Iraq: The United States to Increase its Airstrikes against ISIS - Assignment Example

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Growing worries and concerns that the United States is not intensifying its fight against the Islamic State Militants. While on a recent trip to the United States, Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi took issue with the laxity at which the United States showed in the fight against Islamic State Militants. …
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Iraq: The United States to Increase its Airstrikes against ISIS
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Extract of sample "Iraq: The United States to Increase its Airstrikes against ISIS"

Iraq: The United s to Increase its Airstrikes against ISIS Summary: Growing worries and concerns that the UnitedStates is not intensifying its fight against the Islamic State Militants
Development: While on a recent trip to the United States, Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi took issue with the laxity at which the United States showed in the fight against Islamic State Militants. With the raging wars in Syria and Iraq, the United States has taken a more diplomatic approach, which is not yielding any results. However, the United states faulted Iraqi`s intelligence networks for not providing the adequate information that could result in successful airstrikes. The United States has conducted countless air strikes against ISIS, but they have come at a cost due to the innocent lives lost during the ensuing chaos. The lack of air controllers to help and direct the pilots while carrying out the air strikes was also discussed. The Iraqi premier also asked for additional support from the United States troops in their fight against ISIS since the terrorist organization was a major threat to world peace.
Analysis: The United States assured the Iraqi Premier that they were committed to fighting and eradicating ISIS, but they could not do it alone. They resolved to send a small team of American trained air controllers to help the Iraqi forces in positively and successfully identifying targets. The collaboration between the United States, Iraqi forces, and Sunni tribes has borne fruits since more individuals have joined in the fight against ISIS. Approximately 80,000 Shiite militiamen as well as 10,000 Sunni tribesmen have joined the fight to reclaim their homeland (Gordon, 2015). As a sign of good faith, the United States has recently sent an arms shipment to northern Iraq, which included hundreds of Milan antitank weapons and systems. The Iraqi Premier later returned home with high expectations that the ISIS threat will soon end thanks to the collaboration of different countries coming together to eliminate a common threat to world peace.
Work cited
Gordon, Michael. "U.S. Weighs Training Iraqis to Call in American Airstrikes in ISIS Fight." The New York Times. The New York Times, 23 Apr. 2015. Web. 27 Apr. 2015.
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Iraq: The United States to Increase Its Airstrikes Against ISIS Assignment.
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