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In the paper “Passion for Animals and their Welfare” the author discusses his passion for animals and their welfare and their present around him. In his early life he spent a great deal of time in Colombia with his veterinarian uncle…
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assignment is due: Since my childhood I have had a passion for animals and their welfare and their present around me is nothing short of sheer joy. In my early life I spent a great deal of time in Colombia with my veterinarian uncle. I used to assist him a lot in his clinic when doing check ups on animals brought to him which gave me a good hands-on experience with domestic animals. I have always contemplated of being a veterinarian for me to extend my passion to animals by ensuring they are always in superb health. I’m glad to state that I have ample experience from my volunteering work at the Humane Society in Jacksonville, Florida where my role was to rehabilitate wild animals. In the center I observed numerous animal surgeries particularly on dogs, cats and cows.
I must state that I’m quite good in Biology and Mathematics. I have excellent critical thinking skills which I mastered while working for the Bank of America and Capital One: credit card department. My passion for animals and interest in science has made me seek this opportunity to pursue Animal Science - Animal Industry Equine. Read More
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