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The Newer Global Processes and a Change in Perceptions - Essay Example

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This paper explains how the world is getting smaller and smaller and territories, and commodities are becoming seamless as a result of globalization, and how the world is becoming a global village. This essay uses a restaurant to form a clearer understanding of the concept of globalization in the world…
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The Newer Global Processes and a Change in Perceptions
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Extract of sample "The Newer Global Processes and a Change in Perceptions"

Download file to see previous pages The restaurant seems inviting and welcoming when you step in the door. The walls are painted hues of peach, and there are many colourful clothes and drapes hanging from the ceiling. Some handicrafts can be seen placed, hand-painted pots, and embroidered wall hangings which seem to be representing some form of Mughal art, a distinct culture in its own. The restaurant smells of masala and cheese a mixture of ingredients. The eatery specializes in Pakistani food; however, the menu card lists dishes from many other Asian countries. The menu even includes Italian, fish and chips, and a variety of coffees, ice cream and other beverages. Some of the food on the menu seems to be Chinese. Besides the traditional yoghurt drink lassi, there are even other beverages such as milkshake made of European fruits such as strawberry and the tropical mangoes. The people here are an interesting mix, many Asians who do not necessarily seem Pakistani, instead of Indians, Sri Lankan and Bengali and even many different Europeans seem to present there. Many of those who walk in are loaded with shopping bags, dressed alike, speaking different languages; there is even some talk of Christmas and New Year. A few people appear to be business people in suits, perhaps grabbing a quick lunch. There are also families with young children parents speaking different languages, but the children seem to be talking in English. There is a television in the corner where there are a few young and older men watching a game of football, cheering their favourite teams. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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