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The Argument for Gay Marriage - Essay Example

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The purpose of this research paper, The Argument for Gay Marriage, is to discuss why that argument is not only feeble but also reprehensible.  This paper will additionally address the fact that same sex marriage should be not only legal, but also embraced…
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The Argument for Gay Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages This paper highlights that many wars are being fought which render more dead bodies than politically favorable results. The concept of two individuals choosing to solidify their commitment to one another, seems not only valid but also, refreshing considering all the hate that occupies the human race. Further more, any type of government should never be permitted to dictate whom should or should not be permitted to marry whom. Considering that the term “human rights” implies an entire species as opposed to certain facets of a species, there is no way that one group of individuals should be permitted to socially exclude another group of individuals from sharing in rights that should be afforded to all humans equally without regard to sex, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or economic means. The very same argument which states that gays should not be allowed to be married, is virtually synonymous with the one used by white supremacists in the time of slavery and segregation, to maintain the institution of slavery. During the time of slavery in America, African American s were not permitted to vote, own land, patronize establishments or hold public office. It was stated during these times that blacks were “not white” or were lesser people than those who were white. This is no different from the ideology behind “protecting the sanctity of marriage” which is perpetuated by the conservative republican party. The only difference is that heterosexuality is considered the “norm” while homosexuality is considered to be a lesser condition of human sexuality. This is just another way of socially isolating a group of individuals and thereby limiting the rights of said individuals. There is no moral grounds for this and any argument which claims to establish such grounds, is an obtuse attempt at superiority and dominance over other human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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