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Changing the Legal Drinking Age in Michigan - Essay Example

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The research paper “Changing the Legal Drinking Age in Michigan” is about the legal drinking age allowed in Michigan. In Michigan, young men and women may go to war at the age of 18, but they are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at the age of 21…
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Changing the Legal Drinking Age in Michigan
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Extract of sample "Changing the Legal Drinking Age in Michigan"

Download file to see previous pages As defined by Cambridge International Dictionary, alcohol is an item for consumption produced when manufacturing wine, beer and liquor. People who drink these products tend to have behavioral change causing them to do inappropriate acts.
 Alcohol contains substances that can affect a human body especially its way of thinking and act on things. It is said that people under the influence of alcohol became fearless in saying their feelings toward another person; they also tend to be bold on doing things. They think that when they take alcohol it makes them better and boosts their self-esteem.
 Legal age as defined by the dictionary is the right age wherein an individual enters adulthood wherein lawful rights and responsibilities should be followed. The legal drinking age in Michigan - a state in the East North Central United States that consist two peninsulas separated by water was 21 years old.
 In this research, a variety of facts and opinions will be discussed so as to oppose the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) also known as the Uniform Drinking Age Act of 1984 wherein the MLDA will be 21 years of age. On the other hand, certain facts will also be given to support the 21 years of age as the legal drinking age. The research was done to present both sides of the issue regarding on changing the legal drinking age; considering 18 years of age as the legal age. ...
 A person who reached his/her legal age is therefore according to the law allowed to vote, to have a license and to apply for a job.
 Undeniably, age is one of the many factors to be considered in selling alcoholic beverages but to look into a larger picture, 21 years of age is old and mature enough to be responsible in his/her action/s. The law says a citizen can vote at the age of 18 because maybe they believe that this age, teenagers are responsible enough to know the laws and policies of the country and yet they are not allowed to drink. If we are to compare voting and drinking, I personally think that voting requires more knowledge and maturity compared to drinking. Another fact is that manufacturers of these products did not lack anything to their consumers for they have warning/s on their advertisements like the famous tagline of beer, "Drink Moderately."
 According to an article, on an Amethyst Initiative - an effort done by McCardell wherein a number of college presidents were called, college presidents signed a statement saying, "Twenty-One is Not Working." In lieu with the statement here are the reasons supporting the statement (1) a society of risky, clandestine binge-drinking has been made and is usually done outside the campus (2) there was no positive behavioral change with the students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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