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Social Cultural Values in Adverts and Movies - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Social Cultural Values in Adverts and Movies" would analyze the recent Old Spice ad along with the movie "Dangerous Minds" for the purpose of investigating the impact of social value depiction in these pieces on the change of social standards…
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Social Cultural Values in Adverts and Movies
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Download file to see previous pages The advert correlates to the cultural notion that physical fitness, deep voice, and aggressive action are attributes of a man. Moreover, any man who lacks these qualities is shown as feminine. On the other hand, it is depicted that women in society prefer men with maximum masculinity. This is because, based on their perception, such a man will be able to take care of women needs. This makes them admire men who have a well-developed figure. However, this post deserves criticism. This is because it depicts men who lack such masculinities cannot have power, offer protection to women, and hence this is shown to be in contradiction to American culture. In reality, this is not true because being a real man is not based on outside appearance. The real man is defined by behavior and instinct. Moreover, it is negatively depicting women as only attracted by physical well-being towards men. This is not true as women are also attracted by other attributes towards women. In fact, violent men are usually unable to sustain a formidable relationship. Part 2 The film ‘Dangerous Minds’ is a representation of what is covered with many Hollywood movies. The film depicts the worse state of education for prone kids who face the challenges of poverty, violence, crime, and violence in the inner cities of the United States. The teacher also struggles to content with the students. Initially, the film depicts Whiteness as a true reflection of rationality. Moreover, the film shows Whiteness as a cultural standard in the changing society based on racial composition. On the other hand, the other part of the film acts as an encouragement to challenged teenagers who had given up on schooling as an alternative to their wretched lives. In the film, the purpose of schooling is intermixed with the issue of racial difference within the area of urban public schools. Therefore, the film relies on race factor as an organizing concept to develop its narrative structure and pass through the message. Moreover, both Black and Hispanic teenagers lay a foundation for developing pedagogical classroom interaction. In this context, Whiteness, as espoused by the teacher authority, manages to overcome racially coded images of disorder, chaos, and fear. This is seen through the conflicts that exist between teacher and students in the first scenes of the film. This is a classic example of non-assimilation feelings between whites and non-whites. Moreover, the innocence of the teacher is highlighted in the first scene of the film. She leaves a middle-class culture in the white community to teach in an uncontrollable environment. This is meant to provide white American with the notion that the disorder is a thing of other culture. The negative perception of the people of color is further highlighted as she refers to them as “rejects from hell”. Therefore, the opening scenes serve to represent Black and Hispanic kids with the culture of violence and unruliness. On the other hand, Whiteness, as depicted by LouAnne Johnson, is under threat. This is because it is unsafe and under siege. Moreover, Whiteness is shown through the character of the teacher as the only option for teens to move beyond the setting and nature of their cultural identities. This occurs as it is contrasted with the stereotypical portrayal of intellectually challenged and decadent Black and Hispanic kids. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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