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Race and Culture - Movie Review Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Movie Review: The Help (2011) Human society has been evolving ever since it was established, and the numerous factors that helped in its development and continuous change can be attributed to the struggle for power among its inhabitants…
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Race and Culture
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Download file to see previous pages The theory gives emphasis on the conflict, competition, change, and constraint that are often found in highly-developed societies (Shepard 22). Such conflicts are the main themes by which many struggles in society are built upon, like equality, freedom, recognition among other things. Most of the conflicts as described in the theory are between a few people that hold an immense power over numerous lower-classes, and that through the emergence of the conflicts topples the established hierarchies in the societies. The ascension of one form of power after removing another form of power is the embodiment of the shifting of command, which in turn proves that the changes happening in any given society are continuous processes that usher growth and development (Shepard 23). While the theory has been known for quite a long time, its applications were not much realized until the emergence of numerous Civil Rights groups around the late 1950’s to early 1960’s, especially when the Black Americans started fighting for fair and equal treatment from the United States government and citizens. Before the peaceful change in the society happened, overt violence and discreet discrimination were the things that freedom fighters had to face, causing great pain and strife at the cost of gaining freedom and equality. The success of the uprisings has ushered for a societal succession, but the means for it to happen were not clear for most people. It is good to know however, that for people to greatly appreciate the changes that were mobilized by Civil Rights activists, several movie portrayals of many prominent representatives of these uprisings as well as some events that lead to the well-known political rallies were shown to the public, and are still being made today. But what makes the portrayals even more haunting is when most, if not some of these portrayals were the collective ideas and memories of the unnamed people who participated in such events. For this paper, the 2011 movie titled The Help, which was based on a book by Kathryn Stockett with the same name is seen as a good example of a movie that was able to show viewers the social struggles that were happening in the southern parts of the US, when Jim Crow laws were still being used as guide in segregating the blacks and the whites. The Conflict Theory and The Help All throughout the movie, the conflict theory can be seen in the different parts when a prominent white lady would chide her black American maid, when a man would deliberately put down a woman, and when a white woman would clash against another white woman (“The Help”). Such scenes are able to show that the power that a certain group of people would have over another group of people whom they see as inferior would not remain as so perpetually, and that due to the tendencies of societies to change, what may be seen as the norm at a certain time frame would eventually change, even making a complete turnaround if given the time, even more so when a greater number of people would give their all in making the changes happen. One scene in the movie that effectively portrays the conflict theory as raw as it can be is the scene where the socialite, Hilly, a white woman with a rather obnoxious personality, and Minny, a strong-willed sharp-tongued black maid retaliated to each other’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Race and Culture Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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