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Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism in the Dr. Zhivago - Movie Review Example

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In the paper “Liberalism, Socialism, and Fascism in the movie Dr. Zhivago” the author analyzes the movie, which encompasses the entire situation by concentrating upon the activities and condition of the general public, which had witnessed tremendous changes in social, and cultural scenario of their country…
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Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism in the movie Dr. Zhivago
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Extract of sample "Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism in the Dr. Zhivago"

Download file to see previous pages Though the revolution had brought the glad tidings regarding the implementation of the noble principles of the social justice and equality, in the aftermath of the fall of age-old Tsarist imperialism, yet it failed to exhibit freedom and justice according to the high hopes established by the Russian subjects. Consequently, civil war broke out in the country, between the pro-Tsar White Army, liberals, reactionaries and landowners on the one hand, and the farmers, peasants, students, revolutionists and Bolshevik Red Army led by the Leninist-socialists on the other, turning the country into a sorry state of affairs. The movie successfully draws out the turmoil, anarchy, and disturbance the people underwent at the outbreak of civil war, which laid indelible impact on the political and social scenario of the country. Additionally, the civil war created unrest and chaos by destabilizing the economic activities of the masses. Thus, the movie under-analysis accurately reflects the entire socio-cultural scenario of Soviet Russia during and after the war, which ended in the success of the Red Army of Socialist doctrine in its true spirit subsequently. The movie also throws light on the negative aspects of socialism, which had not been taken into consideration before the establishment of the very first socialist governmental system in any part of the globe. The movie reveals the effects of revolution and civil war on the socioeconomic condition of the general public, the position of whom appears to become more and more miserable and pathetic because of the social evils and curses including corruption, nepotism, favoritism, embezzlement of public treasure and misuse of power, adopted by the socialists in the prestigious name of revolution. The entire social establishment brought uncertainty and insecurity, and thus paved the way towards the restlessness and disorder in the everyday life of the Russian people at large. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism in the Movie Dr. Zhivago Review - 1.
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