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The Crash - Movie Review Example

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The object of analysis for the purpose of this assignment is the movie “Crash”. This essay deconstructs the film through an examination of the narrative, character, technical, and aesthetic elements the filmmakers used to convey their underlining message. …
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The movie Crash
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Extract of sample "The Crash"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that шn the Lion Gate films’ Crash, the award-winning writer/director/producer, Paul Haggis, has successfully portrayed the issues of race and gender that made a group of strangers to physically and emotionally bump into each other in Los Angeles. After a successful career in television, Paul Haggis came into making feature films and became so successful that he is known as the “Million Dollar Baby.” He won the Best Picture award in the 2005 Academy Awards. The screenplay has been presented by Haggis and Bobby Moresco. The movie has been made in the United States and is about several stories going on in two days at Los Angeles portraying “the complexities of racial tolerance in contemporary America” (Crash). The plot supports the social perspective that discusses racial discrimination and its effects on those who suffer from it. The filmmaker has tried to convey the message that racial discrimination should be put to an end and peace and harmony should be spread for the survival of mankind. Graham Waters (Don Cheadle) is a police detective. He abhors the fact that his drugged out mother cares more for his brother, who happens to be a thief and a street criminal, rather than him. Ria (Jennifer Esposito) is Graham’s girlfriend. She is also a detective and is often angry at him for being emotionally distant from her. She also objects when he shows indifference to the fact that they belong to different races; Graham was an African-American and she was a Hispanic. ...
Cameron happens to be an African-American television producer in Hollywood. Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon), who is a racist, and Officer Hansen (Ryan Phillipe) stop them for inquiry one night when they were returning from a party. The couple finds the interrogation and search humiliating when one of the detectives tries to bug Christine. Another story involves Daniel (Michael Pena) and his daughter. Daniel is a locksmith who works hard enough but thinks that his customers are turned down due to his looks. Farhad (Shaun Toub) is a Persian-immigrant who keeps afraid after the 9/11 attacks and is constantly worried about the safety of his family and shop so much so that he decides to buy a gun. Graham and Ria are in a car talking about Los Angeles when they are struck by a car. Ria gets out and encounters an Asian woman who was in the other car. They make racial comments on each other. Waters moves toward another crime scene on the road where he sees a body. The movie then turns to one day back where Farhad and his daughter are shown buying a handgun. Farhad and the shopkeeper get into a fight as the latter did not like the Persian Farhad. Then there is the scene where Anthony and Peters carjack Jean’s SUV while she were leaving a restaurant with her husband. Then, at another place, Graham and Ria arrive at a crime scene in which there had been shooting. The man who survived was a cop, Conklin, while a black cop, Lewis, was dead. The situation is confusing. Jean hires Daniel, a locksmith, to change the locks of all doors and is still suspicious while Rick is thinking of ways how the carjack can be used as an advantage for his election campaign. Then, the movie shows the two cops, Ryan and Hansen, stopping a SUV ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Movie Crash Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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...Crash: Movie Summary Crash is an American/German drama that was released in 2004. It tells the story about racial and social tension in Los Angeles,California. The movie covers various subplots throughout, though they all focus on the same concepts of racism and issues presented by social classes. Crash jumps from one scene directly to another, without lingering too long on one story before moving on to the next. The story also goes back and forth throughout time, which is done to allow all of the stories mentioned to intersect steadily as the story is told. The movie opens abruptly in the aftermath of a car accident. Detective Waters,...
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...Discrimination has always been one of society’s flaws. Whether it be against a race, a gender or even own personal discriminations against other people who does not behave or think like we are. With the movie Crash, these damaging negative perceptions about other people are presented in blatantly factual visuals, which tells us a story of how people have their own biases based on their personal experiences, as well as culture and society’s misunderstanding about power and generalizations. People have been grouped together in cliques and categories, something which has been detrimental in the movement of fair judgment. An individual has the tendency to believe that he is better than anyone else because...
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...US society is full of racial biases and stereotypes existent, this important factor of the society was remarkably depicted in Paul Haggis’s Crash (2004). Movie Crash has many incidents which depict the racial stereotyping which us present in the US society. This movie unfolds some common concerns and questions which exist in the mind of each and every US citizen, from the origin of prejudice to the reasons why these prejudices cannot be eliminated from the society over all. There is a common believe that racism is present because of the upbringing of the people. Racist families inculcate racial believes in their children too and thus throughout their growing period they...
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...Diversity Issue in the Movie Crash One of the major diversity issues portrayed in the movie Crash is aggression. Aggression can be defined as the inherent intention to hurt someone either through physical or verbal means. In the movie, the man from Middle East who is the owner of the store was hostile to every person he met. It is possible that his hostility was a product of his culture and the manner in which he was brought up. When an individual has long interaction with a particular culture (his culture), his behavior is most likely to be influenced and determined by the culture. His social environment is also a crucial determinant of how he behaves...
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