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The Vitality of Personal Planning - Essay Example

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This essay reflects the significance of planning in everyday human life by considering the article ‘In Praise of the Urban Sandbox’ and the author's personal experience of planning. The writer claims that that planning is significantly important, and can result in better and productive outcomes…
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The Vitality of Personal Planning
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Extract of sample "The Vitality of Personal Planning"

Download file to see previous pages According to researchers and thinkers, planning is a vital element in an individual’s life. If one establishes goals and develops a desire to attain them without proper and efficient planning, he or she would not be able to achieve them. As per my own experience, I have witnessed that planning is undoubtedly a strong factor in making things right and leading them in the right direction. It helps me grow more in every field of life, and whenever I am unplanned and do not have a proper strategy for a certain task, either at college or work, I sometimes fail, or even if I am able to do it, then it is not as effective as I would have done it with proper planning and scheme(Ferzoco). The significance and vitality of planning have been discussed by many writers, authors, and other intellectuals and philosophers. In the article ‘In Praise of the Urban Sandbox’, which was published in April 2011 in the Magazine of the American Planning Association, the importance of planning in context with video games and digital gaming has been emphasized. Jeff Ferzoco, the writer of the article, has discussed planning in a brief manner, which is at the same time interesting to read(Ferzoco). The main emphasis of Ferzoco in the article revolves around the idea that planning can lift the standards and can turn the directions of certain things from negative to positive. By giving examples of games, he has stressed on the fact that games are not a bad medium which just consumes hours of people and keeps them busy for no good. In fact, games have turned out as a good medium for people and encourage them to rethink towards certain aspects of life. They teach them by getting them involved in real-life situations while they are in games(Ferzoco). I have learned a lot and games such as ‘cities in motion’ and ‘Cityville’ which has changed my concept and perspective completely. It is very well said that games, particularly computer games cannot be considered just as games, in fact, they are effective learning medium. However, it has all been made possible with proper and effective planning of game designers and planners. While I am playing games, I become curious and possessive regarding many things and want to make them work in a correct and appropriate manner. For example, if I see a long line of unhappy people waiting at a bus station in my city, I will try to divert that crowd to other station or will allocate another bus for them on an immediate basis so that they get to their destinations on time. Similarly, if I witness a decrease in economic and financial sources in my city, I will set up new industries and buildings so that it raises the economy. However, this seems possible only in games and is better said than done; but at least it gives me an idea of how to tackle situations and what actually is going on. The game planners design games so efficiently that they almost portray real life situations and issues(Ferzoco). Ferzoco has also given different examples from different games in the article; those games which have made people learn, such as Farmville, CityVille on Facebook by Zynga, Sincity, and many others role-playing games. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Vitality of Personal Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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