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Family And Local History - Essay Example

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This report aims at highlighting surviving records on the local history in Perth and Kinross. The report starts by highlighting the various records that are available in the Perth and Kinross archive collection that include protests in Perth, the register of all the town council acts…
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Family And Local History
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Download file to see previous pages Local history surviving records, their location and uses Record of protests in the royal burgh of Perth are located in Perth and Kinross archives, these records are stored under the record number B59/11 and date from 1809 to 1849, these records can be used to the understand the issues of the people who lived in Perth and the reasons that forced them to hold the protests. A limitation in these records is that they have only been recorded for a short period of time between 1809 and 1849, which may make them not fully show the trend or the frequency of the protests in the long run. Another record that is available in the Perth and Kinross council archives is the register of acts of town council and indexes to the council minutes, which are recorded in under the identity B59/16-17. The register of acts of town council contains acts that were made between 1601 and 1752 while the indexes to the minutes of the council and the acts are recorded for the years between 1500 and 1797. These record are relevant in explaining the evolution of the council acts and proceedings, in addition they also show the issues that were prioritised in that period depending on the number of acts or the depth of the act relating to that issue. Treasurer accounts of the council which are stored under the identification number B59/18 are recorded for the period between 1670 and 1765,these records shows the treasures charge and discharge with details of expenditure and income of the council including the names of burgesses entered and the names of all council employees (Dobson, 64). These records can be used to determine the trends of expenditure and sources of income for the council of Perth, this information can be used by modern day...
This essay stresses that most of the records in the Perth and Kinross council archive collection include documents on how the region was governed which include the legal and administrative documents. Other documents were on how the authority carried out their financial processes and regulated business activities. However, these records contain scanty documents on family issues and the specific demographic characteristics.
This paper makes a conclusion that to encourage people from, other regions of the world who may not be conversant with the ancient language used in Scotland, texts such as those that have financial and legal information should have a simpler version created which is easier to understand while still maintaining the original information.
In order to increase the number of people that can access historical information on Perth and Kinross, the authorities should have copies of the documents in archives of other major cities in addition to posting them on the internet to build the desire of internet users to tour the country especially in the 2014 homecoming celebrations. Financial information contained in the collection has used the old standards of accounting principles; this makes it hard for the visitors, especially those from outside the United Kingdom to understand some of the information since they may not be conversant with the accounting procedures used. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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