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Analysis of Police Corruption - Research Paper Example

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This paper seeks to give an in-depth analysis of corruption in the police force. Police corruption is divided into two categories depending on the participants; internal corruption which involves a member of the police force and external which involves member(s) of the police force and the public…
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Analysis of Police Corruption
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Police Corruption"

Download file to see previous pages The police department is constructed under the constitution and mandated to provide security and ensure all laws of the land have adhered. When the police are engaged in corrupt activities, they break their mandate. In responding to this, corrupt officers are arrested and charged in the court. This has been very effective in ensuring that the officers are responsible for all their actions. Through corruption, the police deny the citizens some rights like the right to protected by a law-enforcing agency. This is clearly stipulated in the constitution. In some corrupt police dealing, they collude with criminal for them to carry out their activities effectively. In covering up their activities, these officers may undertake the arrest of innocent people. This raises questions as to where the security of the citizen could be upheld. This leads to reduced trust in the operations of the police offices. Since the citizens may lack the sound background to bring forth their claims, various human rights groups have been on their rescue. They have made it possible for various reforms to be made which has gradually improved the interaction between the police and the citizens (Forst & Dempsey, 2011). Corruption is conducted in the police force in numerous ways. Bribery, which entails the exchange of a benefit between police officers, is the most common form of corruption. This is evident in traffic rules violation and illegal sale of drugs. Though this acts, the police officers propagate crimes rather than curbing it. In response to this, the root causes of the crime have been investigated and various strategies implemented. Since the public promotes the vice through producing bribes, they should be educated on the possible repercussions that may befall on them once they are identified. Therefore, in ensuring that the vice is completely gotten rid of, proper coordination between various stakeholders is necessary. Causes of police corruption Lack of professionalism by police officers in the conduction of their activities is one of the main causes of the increase in corrupt activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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