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On The Semiosphere by Juri Lotman - Essay Example

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This essay “On The Semiosphere by Juri Lotman” is a rhetorical analysis of the path breaking work of Lotman, On the semiosphere. In his essay, Lotman has given a new dimension and a comprehensive frame work to the concept of semiosis, the communication process using different sign systems.
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On The Semiosphere by Juri Lotman
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Extract of sample "On The Semiosphere by Juri Lotman"

Download file to see previous pages Here, Lotman has successfully put forth an example which could make his complex arguments very clear to even a lay person, through the use of analogy. The allegory is easy to understand for the reader. The overall conclusion that this essay arrives at is that, “the levels of the semiosphere comprise an inter-connected group of semiospheres, each of them being simultaneously both participant in the dialogue (as part of the semiosphere) and the space of dialogue (the semiosphere as a whole)” (Lotman, 205).
Lotman has started his essay by referring to the two major schools of thought in semiotics, one the Saussurian school which focuses on the ‘act of communication’ and the Piercean school which stresses on the ‘sign’, the basic, coded, element of communication (205). Then he moves ahead to point out that both these schools have some thing in common, which is the stress that they give either to a single communication act or a single sign, ie; a single, atomic element (Lotman, 206). By describing this background, Lotman starts a logical reasoning process by giving chronological data and putting it as a block in the very beginning of the essay.  He has argued that, in this way, “the individual act of sign exchange has come to be regarded as a model of natural language […] -as universal semiotic models” (Lotman, 206).
In the next step of his rhetoric, Lotman has contested this conventional thought. He has opined that, this kind of reasoning is part of the traditional and flawed scientific thinking., where one is tempted always to move “from the simple to the complex’, and whereby one gets trapped into attributing a character to the object of study, just because it provided some convenience to make an analysis (Lotman, 206). In this way, Lotman has been applying the method of logos which says that the study of communication, or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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