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Research Methods in Social Sciences - Essay Example

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This paper 'Research Methods in Social Sciences" concentrate on three major methods: experimental research, survey research, and field research. It will analyze the purposes, strengths, and weakness of all the three research methods. Social scientists apply various methods to investigate…
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Research Methods in Social Sciences
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Download file to see previous pages  The experimental survey is a planed design that inflicts a great deal control over the conditions of the research procedure (Ruane, 2004). All experiments entail random task of participants in the phenomenon of the research, dependent and independent variables. The main aim of performing an experiment is to examine casual associations between the dependent variable and independent variable. Researchers might carry out experiments in extremely controlled laboratory settings or in field environments, in which the researcher has somewhat less control over the resultant forces that may influence the variables. In the laboratory, the researcher normally has adequate control over peripheral forces that may affect the participant. Simon indicates that the purpose of the experimental technique is to generate data from which a researcher might obtain genuine conclusions as efficiently as possible. The disparities in outcomes displayed among the different experimental and control groups do not arise from disparities in original forms among the groups. Rather, they result from differences among the stimuli offered to the experimental groups. As Crane, & Brewer asserts, the researcher who prepares the study and plans the conclusion measures, also resolves how the independent variable is to be maneuvered in most experimental research. In addition, most experimental research aims at testing forecasts based on hypothesis rather than generalizing directly from the simulated setting of the laboratory to real experience.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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