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In the paper “Negative Effect of Reality TV” the author analyzes the ethical issues of reality TV shows. As television drama became more violent and sexually explicit, reality TV evolved as a more meaningful genre of TV shows that present viewers with more competitive versions closer to reality…
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Negative Effect of Reality TV
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Download file to see previous pages These shows are very entertaining but many professionals are expressing concerns over the harmful implications. They point out that negative impacts of reality TV are higher for children and teenagers than adults. Studies have shown that children within the age of 9-12 who were depressed believed that money, popularity and beauty are key elements of gaining happiness because reality shows reinforce this concept (Genesis Health System , 2003). A lot of stunt shows illustrate people doing risky, disgusting and scary stunts which often result in detrimental consequences when duplicated by the audience. These people tend to ignore the fact that participants in the reality show have stunt coordinators who ensure proper safety measures. Therefore, people should not follow what they see on the TV and should objectively comprehend and assess the messages and images being shown. Reality TV shows are real and profitable but the primary basis of such stunt shows seems to put people in pain or humiliation for the audience to watch and derive enjoyment out of it. This way youngsters are turning into heartless individuals who delight in the distress and humiliation of others.Furthermore, reality TV shows often stress on superficial characteristics such as outward appearance over inner beauty consequently leaving a distorted impact on teenagers’ young and innocent minds (enotes, 2011).  Getting plastic surgery to enhance looks and becoming famous on the basis of beauty without having much talent are shallow messages. being conveyed to t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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