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Methodological Approach in a Quantitative Research - Report Example

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This paper "Methodological Approach in a Quantitative Research" focuses on the fact that research is a continuous human effort to invent or discover something new on any aspect related to the area of study. Research involves the application of the knowledge of the researcher on the topic. …
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Methodological Approach in a Quantitative Research
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Extract of sample "Methodological Approach in a Quantitative Research"

Download file to see previous pages “Qualitative research allows you to explore perceptions, attitudes and motivations and to understand how they are formed.” (Kivlichan). The result of qualitative research is depended on the analytical skills of the researcher. The researcher should possess a good observation skill in order to make a proper analysis of the situation.

As the name describes quantitative research deals with numbers or items that can be expressed in numbers. It gives information about the number of people involved in the topic of the research. “Quantitative research is all about quantifying the relationships between variables. Variables are the things you measure on your subjects, which can be humans, animals, or cells.” (Hopkins 1998). Quantitative research is usually made by making an analysis of the data collected from the public through a questionnaire or interview. The survey is always regarded as the best way to collect data for quantitative research.

The given two case studies are related to quantitative and qualitative research each. The given qualitative paper is related to the perception of women in managing arthritis. A data of two years have been gathered in order to gather information on the given topic. In the given qualitative paper the required information is gathered from the respondents through interview. For the purpose of getting better results, the women were divided into two groups. They were selected from the local branches of Arthritis care. The approach is different in the case of quantitative method. The quantitative paper is related to occupational therapy. The topic is “a randomized controlled trial of occupational therapy for people with early rheumatoid arthritis.” (Hammond et al 2004, p.23-30).

Research design is the structure on which the research is based. “Research design provides the glue that holds the research project together.” (Trochim 2006). Research is based entirely on research design. The research designs to be employed in both cases are different.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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