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The author of the paper states that the five steps in the scientific method consist of observation, identification of patterns and regularities, development of theory, prediction, and testing. These steps must be used in order to find out what exactly happened in the scenario observed. …
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Steps in the Scientific Method
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Download file to see previous pages The identification of patterns and regularities is a necessary step before one comes up with a theory. In order to fulfill this step, I must try to turn on the light switch again and see if it is really broken. If it really seems so, then I must go to the back of the house and try to turn on another light switch there. The next sequence of events will then depend on whether this second light switch makes the light come on or not. Then, if this second switch does not work either, the next thing to do is to look for the same pattern in the neighborhood.
If all the houses have their lights off, then there must be a power cut, and this specific part is the development of the theory, which is the third step. If there is at least one house with a light on, then there is no regularity in the phenomenon that involves switches that are not working. I then look around the neighborhood and notice that all of the houses near my house already have their lights turned off. Just because this so does not give me a reason to conclude that there is indeed a power cut because everyone might just simply be asleep because it is almost midnight and most of the neighbors are elderly people. Then I notice one neighbor’s house with the lights on, and so I have then discarded the idea or theory that there is a power cut. I then have to look for another possible regularity, which is
However, after giving up on the regularities, I have theorized that it is only my house that has a problem. Since my daughters are not at home now as I left them with a relative a week ago, then I am sure that it is not they who are playing this very annoying practical joke with me – especially since I believe they are too young to be able to do that. I then proceed to the next step, prediction.
After eliminating the possibility of a power cut, my daughters playing a prank on me, and other incredible possibilities like a UFO interfering with my lights or a possible terrorist attack, I then formed the prediction that a thief must be inside the house. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Steps in the Scientific Method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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