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Volumetric Analysis - Lab Report Example

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Means of detecting the end point of the reaction between the standard and test solutions. Usually an indicator is used however in redox titrations, the oxidising agents are self indicators which means an indicator is not needed.
In the above reduction half-reaction, manganese has undergone a decrease in oxidation number from +7 to +2…
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Volumetric Analysis
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Extract of sample "Volumetric Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The pink color of the dilute MnO4- solution indicates the end of the reaction. This is known as the "end point" or equivalence point of the titration.
The given solution contains a mixture of both Fe +2 ions and Fe +3
Assuming that each of the ions is present to at least 30% by mass.
Therefore the two different Fe ions present, giving a total of 60% by mass of the mixture of Fe ions.
The remaining 40 % of the solution is made up of an acid assuming any acid, say sulphuric acid in this case.
Firstly set up ther apparatus as follows;

without pouring any contents into either the burette or the volumetric flask.
The mass of iron mixture in the solution is given to be between 1.1g and 1.3g.
Given that the volume of the solution is 200cm
the amount (moles) of Fe can be calculated by;
n=mass/molar mass
and then the concentration can be found out by rearranging the equation n=CV,
to C =n/V
Therefore, the mass of Fe taken to be 1.1g and the molar mass to be 56.
The number of moles = 1.1/56 = 0.02 mol
The No. of moles for the other masses e.g 1.2g and 1.3g can also be found, using the same equation.
Then the concentration can be calculated; concentration = 0.02/200=1x10
1x10 / 1000
1x10-7 mold dm-3
The concentration of the solution given is found to be 1x10-7 mold dm-3
Pour this solution into a volumetric flask.
From the volumetric flask note down the volume of the solution you have.
Using a graduated pipette, transfer 20cm3 of the solution into the conical flask
Place conical flask on top of a white tile.
Fill the burette in with potassium permanganate solution, making sure that the tap below on the burette is closed.
Record the initial reading on the burette (read the...
The pink color of the dilute MnO4- solution indicates the end of the reaction. This is known as the "end point" or equivalence point of the titration.
3. Heat each solution containing the iron sample almost to boiling. SnCl2 solution should be added drop wise taking care such that the yellow Fe(III) color just disappears. Then add only 2 drops excess of SnCl2 solution. The solution is cooled by placing the outside edge under running cold water until held, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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