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Common Sense in Criminology - Essay Example

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In spite of the great diversity of criminological theories and the complex task of analysing crime statistical data, it is extremely helpful to reinforce common-sense understandings of crime through the consistent use of theoretical and methodological resources in order to enhance significantly the common-sense limitations in the realm of Law and fact assessment regarding the evidence in search of the proof.
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Common Sense in Criminology
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"Common Sense in Criminology"

Download file to see previous pages All along this essay we endeavor to find answers to the problem arising from the shortcomings in common-sense understandings. At the end, a multidisciplinary and eclectic approach to this judicial matter will guide the way into a correct path in search for a coherent solution.
There is a great deal of criminological theories to choose from. A wide spectrum of contradictory ideas lies behind those theories. But the knowledge of all of those theoretical assumptions can help us a lot in the task of assessing the evidence in any legal case. They can be especially necessary when we face the problem of common-sense limitations. These shortcomings can be reduced to a minimum through the appropriate use of adequate theoretical and methodological criteria. The role of criminological theories cannot be underestimated.
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heories present conflicting and contradictory positions, so the overall state of the theoretical corpus in Criminology is somewhat chaotic and confusing when we study the different fundamental tenets that many theoreticians hold as valid.
Despite this complex theoretical panorama, all of the opposing theories have something to teach us about crime and its interpretation. These theories can give us some insight into the phenomenon of crime as Diane M. DeMelo (2003c) states: "Theories not only provide a framework for us to interpret the meanings of observed patterns but they help us to determine when these patterns are meaningful and when they are not." It is necessary to have a general knowledge of most of the criminological theories, so we can enhance the common-sense understandings improving our interpretation of the evidence in any fact assessment case.
And we have to notice that common sense can mean many different things depending on the person who defines it. Many things are taken for granted in the name of common sense, so we have to be aware of the implications the definitions might have. Common sense is widely applied by everyone, and it can help us in simplifying the way we think and arrive at a conclusion when assessing facts and data. Schutz (2005) gives us an excellent idea of what common sense implies: "Common-sense thinking consists of a system of constructs or meanings for organizing the world and acting in it. Although each of our total set of constructs is unique (originating in our biographical situation), most of our common-sense constructs are socially derived. This shared intersubjective stock of knowledge and assumptions we develop through interactions allows us to engage in joint projects with other people".
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