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Issues Relating to Dabru Emet - Coursework Example

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The current paper highlights that the title Dabru Emet taken from Zechariah 8:16 which means “speak the truth” has emerged as an intellectual statement dealing with Jewish-Christian relations. Dabru Emet paved the way in the most well known American newspapers…
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Issues Relating to Dabru Emet
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Extract of sample "Issues Relating to Dabru Emet"

Download file to see previous pages Behind this statement was the 1947 Second Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews, in which Christians published The Ten Points of Seelisberg (Seelisberg, 1947). There should have been more Jewish statements on Christianity after the publication, but unfortunately, history never witnessed Jewish statements regarding the dialogue.
This raised the question as to why have there been so many Christian statements, but so few Jewish statements? Dabru Emet is a response to such inequality which through a number of factors has analyzed the answer. It has responded through engaging a small number of Jewish statements to consider the similarities and differences in Christian statements towards the Jews. An example of inequality is the dispute over the land of Israel, which is repeatedly described in the Torah as a blessed and noble land. Disputes occur over this land between Jews and Christians until the Holocaust. So, Dabru Emet considers and acknowledges the significance and applications of principles of Torah in both religions. It negates and discourages Nazism by claiming that it was not a Christian plan nor it demonstrated Christian ethics. On one hand, Dabru Emet states this relationship as an unending dispute, while on the other it claims that the dispute cannot be settled unless God saves the world which is mentioned as a promise in Scripture. So, Dabru Emet wants to unite the differences that one cannot expect to bridge between the two faiths. One can never expect that any new relationship between the two can weaken Jewish practice, therefore in order to promote peace and justice, Jews and Christians must work together.
Scholars believe another reason for publishing Dabru Emet is to illustrate the innermost fear of Jews about improved Jewish-Christian relations. This fear is about a lost culture, lost identity and a lost religion which Jews foresee in the name of 'improved relations'. This is the reason why the authors felt the need to articulate a response, to overcome the fear of what Jews perceive Jewish-Christian relations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues Relating to Dabru Emet Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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