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Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice - Case Study Example

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This work "Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice" describes the foundation of Christian preaching. The author outlines the historical aspect, contemporary American catholic homiletics. Indeed it is in such times as these that the Gospel message is most needed and perhaps even intended for, whether or not people are aware…
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Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice
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Extract of sample "Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice"

Download file to see previous pages The event, happening in a congregational setting and in a “liturgical” space being in the synagogue on a Sabbath, was pointedly significant in that the hearers of that preaching moment were “bearers” who were in the position of religious influence and authority of the time to witness to the momentous revelation of prophetic fulfillment. Jesus intended the declaration of the fulfillment of the Word to proceed in time and to all the Earth.
A publication of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) entitled “Fulfilled in Your Hearing: The Homily in Sunday Assembly” contains that the fundamental elements of Christian liturgical preaching are three: The preacher, the Word drawn from the scriptures and a gathered community. The dynamics that occur between the preacher, the text and the hearer community are applicable to all kinds of Christian preaching that are commonly categorized as “Catechetical or Sacramental teaching, Kerygmatic witness or Liturgical proclamations.”
Beyond Luke 4:16-21, the earliest recorded Christian Homiletics was delivered by the Apostle of Jesus whom he has explicitly instructed himself. Most notable was the apostles Peter who debuted on Pentecost (Acts 2:22-40), Stephen in Acts 7:1-53 and Paul in Antioch (Acts 13:17-41). These three specifically as they share the same rhetorical approach, recapitulating the history of salvation that ultimately finds fulfillment in Christ Jesus.
The early Christian communities afterward continued by tradition developing along the way the next 2 centuries a unique type of rhetoric as the faith spread to the Roman and Greek civilizations. According to Thomas K. Carroll, it was Origen (185-253) an early Greek Christian scholar and theologian who called the unique Christian rhetoric “Homilia” in Greek and later “Sermo” in Latin. Origen distinguished “Homilia” as direct, free and popular exposition and application of scriptures while “Sermo” follows the form of classical rhetoric. The difference in style between Homilies and Sermons also seems cultural: the Greeks having been pedagogical in their methods, The Romans had been rather patristic in theirs. Early on too, there was a distinction between Homiletics and Catechesis, the latter putting forward persuasive argumentations and were specifically instructive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice Case Study, n.d.)
Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice Case Study.
(Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice Case Study)
Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice Case Study.
“Contemporary American Catholic Homiletic Theory and Practice Case Study”.
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